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Alcatraz East Crime Museum

2757 Parkway

Pigeon Forge, TN, 37863


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Alcatraz East Crime Museum

25,000 sq ft of criminal fun for the whole family. Notorious History of American Crime from yesterday & today. Great for CSI fans and forensic crime solvers. Interactive museum with unique criminal artifacts, a forensic lap, jail cell, and more.

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This exciting new attraction in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee is based on crime, the punishment, the history, the fighting of crime, and the pop culture of today’s cyber criminals we fear today. This 25,000 sq. ft. crime museum gives you a hands on experience into the intent of criminals, the criminal files, the penal system, crime prevention, forensic analysis, and the victims involved. Walk through a court room, crack a case, sit in a police cruiser & activate the lights, test out your shooting skills, and see if you are a good detective throughout the museum. This place is so much fun it is a crime! There are fun exhibits for the kiddos! They can try out the Pirates life, learn how to be an outlaw in the Old West, police line-up, CSI gallery, computer interactives, meet McGruff the Crime Fighting dog, and more. There are child stops that kids can read questions and find out the answers at their eye level to learn how to be safe, to over come cyber bullying, and learn internet etiquette. Kids think its cool and parents will love the helpful tips along the way! This is one of the largest crime museums in the nation and based on the design of Alcatraz and the first Tennessee prison built in 1898. See the OJ Simpson white Bronco, Typewriters of the most notorious criminal minds, Ted Bundy’s car, and items believed to be used to commit the crimes and also fight them at the same time. Don’t miss this interactive museum your whole family will enjoy! Located on the parkway in front of the Island in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.