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CAM Cabin Crafts

1329 Wears Valley Road

Townsend, TN, 37882


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CAM Cabin Crafts

The Cam Craft Cabin is an outlet for handmade crafts made in the Appalachian region.

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CAM Cabin Crafts – Townsend, TN

What is CAM Cabin Crafts?

CAM Cabin Crafts serves an outlet for an ever changing collection of handmade crafts made in the Appalachian region. CAM is a ministry that provides low income Appalachian artisans with an outlet for selling their items witch helps supplement their income. Crafters are encouraged to provide items that share Appalachian culture with visitors to the Great Smoky Mountains.  Their items include unique handmade items such as dolls, quilts and Christmas ornaments. They also have crocheted items such as baby sweaters and blankets and much more.

Offering Unique & One of a Kind Pieces!

At CAM Cabin Crafts you will find a wide assortment of items that feature a taste of the Appalachia’s. Take one look around at their selection and you will notice that most of their items have a character all their own and quality you can only find in crafts made by hand. Most of their products are one-of-a-kind with each wood item featuring character and grain different than the next, quilts with ornate and beautiful stitching and crocheted items crafted with passion. If you are looking for unique, beautiful items, you should definitely visit them in Townsend, TN.

CAM Cabin Crafts Mission & More:

CAM Cabin Crafts is much more than a regular retail store. With items from over 120 crafts people and artisans in Appalachia you will find crafts and creations that you won’t see anywhere else. Purchases from CAM go directly to help those very same craftspeople supplement their income and provide necessities for their families. CAM Encourages the continuing Appalachian traditions of crafting, quilting and creating as well as self-reliance the mountains are known for. CAM also works to provide an atmosphere in which the realities and values of Appalachian culture are lifted up, encouraged and education in that culture are made available.

You can find more info about them here: CAM Website