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Jurassic Jungle Boat Ride

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Jurassic Jungle Boat Ride

Take a ride back in time when dinosaurs ruled the world with Jurassic Jungle Boat Ride. A multi-million dollar high-tech adventure, Jurassic Jungle Boat ride allows you to see the mighty Tyrannosaurus! Watch these mighty beasts fight for domination!

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A Jurassically Wild Ride!

In Pigeon Forge you can journey back through time to the Jurassic Period when dinosaurs ruled the world at Jurassic Jungle Boat Ride. Then You and your party load your boat then enter into the dark world of animatronic prehistoric dinosaurs. As you travel along the river in the dark, the monsters of the prehistoric world come menacingly close to you and your party. This is a “Small World” gone Dino!

You will see dinosaurs like the giant, strong-jawed Tyrannosaurus Rex… the winged Pterodactyl… the horned Triceratops… the mighty Brontosaurus… the lumbering Allosaurus… huge, slithering vipers… battling monsters… Dilothosaurus… menacing Velociraptors… Spinosaurus…and the spiny Stegosaurus, all battling for life and supremacy in the jungles of earth over 200 million years ago! It is your job to survive this journey and live to enjoy the rest of your vacation!

Your journey will take you past waterfall and stone cliffs, along a winding river and into the dinosaur-infested jungle. You will pass caves, rushing water, erupting geysers and the prehistoric creatures that inhabit the Jurassic Jungle Boat ride. The experience is life-like and could be a bit scary, but have no fear, everyone has returned alive and unharmed, but with a memory of how life with the dinosaurs could have been 200 million years ago.