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Pigeon Forge Gem Mine

2865 Parkway

Pigeon Forge, TN, 37863


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Pigeon Forge Gem Mine

Enjoy discovering treasure in the re-creation of the Gem and Ruby mines of the mid-1800’s. With easily “flumed” buckets of gems & rubies, friendly staff and educational fossil museum, this is a must do while visiting Pigeon Forge.

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Find Treasure at the Pigeon Forge Gem Mine

The Pigeon Forge Gem Mine has been a landmark in Pigeon Forge for over three decades. Enjoy the unique and authentic experience of panning for gems and rubies. The gem mine is a re-creation of the old Ruby and Sapphire mines located in the Cowee Valley of North Carolina in the mid-1800’s. Use genuine flumes to filter buckets of sediment and discover gems and rubies. This experience is great for visitors of all ages. Enjoy the same excitement the miners of old had while panning for these beautiful stones during it’s popularity.

The Pigeon Forge Gem Mine featured buckets from all over the world, including Franklin, NC. What makes this special is the ease the it allows while “fluming” (filtering the sediment out to find the gems). Their gem mine buckets are full of sand, not clay and dirt that most other mines have. This makes this experience enjoyable and easy for children and adults alike. The also offer a free dinosaur and fossil museum. See fossils from different era’s and remains of animals that haven’t roamed the planet in a very long time.

If you visiting the Great Smoky Mountains and your looking for a great, family friendly attraction with great staff, look no further than the Pigeon Forge Gem Mine! The staff will make sure you learn from and enjoy your experience while discovering treasure.