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Wahoo Ziplines

605 Stockton Drive

Sevierville, TN, 37876


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Wahoo Ziplines

America’s Top Rated Zipline! Zipping, Flying, Soaring and Bouncing. Speeds up to 40 mph. Operates Year Round. No real physical requirements needed. Engineered for absolute safety.

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18728 Days Ago
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Wahooooo! Only at Wahoo Ziplines.

Wahoooooo! Is the sound you hear as visitors step-off, jump-off or leap-off of the platforms on their journey. Anyone can zip through the trees at Wahoo Ziplines. While safely harnessed the guides encourage you to jump-off of the platform. That the extra push will send you on your soaring journey across the valley and through the trees. All while safely attached to a Zipline.

At Wahoo Ziplines it is not only about the thrill of flying through a canopy of trees, but it is the adrenaline rush of jumping off of a platform located dozens or hundreds of feet above the ground. Then zipping through the air, above the trees, as you fly from platform to platform. Ziplining at Wahoo’s is also a visual rush because you will see some of the most beautiful countryside in America. You might even see a few critters that live in our Great Smoky Mountains area.

The guides at Wahoo’s Ziplines will take good care of everyone in your family or group, whether they are young, middle aged or older. With a safety first goal the guides make sure everyone is buckled in and fastened securely. Wahoo’s staff also makes sure that you understand the precautions and procedures before the first zip. The guides will also make you feel at ease waiting to zip or on the line. At the end of your 2-hour journey you can get video of your experience and pick-up a few souvenirs of your flight through the Smokies at Wahoo’s Ziplines.